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Plugin wc_webpay_gateway is WebPay Gateway for Woocommerce on-line shop and can be utilized for checkout with VISA and MasterCard bank cards. This plugin extends the WooCommerce payment options by allowing you to accept payments via credit card on your on-line shop site. То же самое, но по-русски.

Electronic payment system WEBPAY™ is comfortable and safe on-line payment tool for goods and services in Belarus. This is an opportunity to pay for the order immediately, using a plastic card VISA or MasterCard.

Wc_webpay_gateway plugin allows to organize WebPay payment gateway for online store on Woocommerce quickly, easily and without any headache. After clicking “Place Order” customer is redirected to WebPay site to make secure payment.

  • plugin summarizes the order, prepares and sends all necessary order information to WebPay;
  • gets the result from the site WebPay whether transaction was successful or not;
  • in case of successful payment, the order would get “Processing” status and assigns it the transaction numbers;
  • in case of problem with the payment, it sets the status “On Hold” to the order.

Once more: entering any credit card data and all further payments processing are made only on WebPay site.

Plugin Installation

  1. Purchase and download the plugin zip file wc_webpay_gateway.zip from here.
  2. Open site administrator dashboard for a single site or network administrator dashboard for WordPress virtual sites network.
  3. Go to “Plugins“->”Add New“->”Upload” and select the ZIP file you just downloaded.
  4. Click “Install Now” button.
  5. Go to “Plugins” for a single site or “Plugins” page on-line store site administrator dashboard in case WordPress network of virtual sites.
  6. Look for wc_webpay_gateway in the list of installed plugins and activate it. During the activation process there will be created three pages which names are begun with “WC WebPay …”. This pages are required for plugin operation. Do not modify or delete them. Once the plugin is deactivated, the pages will be deleted.

Plugin Setup and Configuration

You have to prepare:

  1. To receive bank card payments in your online store, You have to make an agreement with WebPay and change your site in accordance with their requirements.
  2. Carefully read the first part of WebPay manual.
  3. Prepare following:
    • ID online store in WebPay (get from WebPay);
    • name (up to 64 characters) your online store in WebPay;
    • login user name in WebPay (get from WebPay);
    • password in WebPay (get from WebPay);
    • secret key (string of random characters), see manual.

Setup and Configuration

  1.  Go “WooCommerce” -> “Settings” -> “Checkout” and we can see a link to new payment gateway WebPay (fig. 1.).
    WebPay Gateway. Fig. 1. New Payment Gateway

    Fig. 1. New Payment Gateway

  2. Click this link and move to wc_webpay_gateway plugin setup page. Fill in all fields with prepared information (fig.2.). Do not forget to choose the box “Enable WebPay“. Please note the last field – “Plugin Mode“. I thing that it’s a good idea to try plugin in a test mode first. In this case, the username and password in the test mode will be different.
    WebPay Gateway. Fig. 2. Plugin wc_webpay_gateway settings

    Fig. 2. Plugin wc_webpay_gateway settings

  3. Click “Save changes” to save changes.
  4. Go to “Checkout Options” page clicking link with the same name at the top of the screen. If everything has been done correctly until now, there will be WebPay record in the “Gateway Display Order” list at the bottom of the page. You can drag and drop to change the display order of payment methods  at checkout page. You can also choose a default payment method, which would be active. If you made any changes on the page, please click on the “Save changes” button below.
  5. That’s it. Now, we have to make a trial order to see that the payment method by VISA and MasterCard via WebPay gateway visible and can be used.

Described plugin wc_webpay_gateway as WebPay Gateway for Woocommerce on-line shop which can be utilized for checkout with VISA and MasterCard bank cards.

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