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Plugin wc_erip_gateway is ERIP payment Gateway for Woocommerce on-line shop and can be utilized for checkout with ERIP online banking. Using this plugin, you will be able to organize on your website collecting payments in 5 minutes after the agreement with the ERIP is made without any headache. Let’s see how to do it. То же самое по русски.

 Plugin Wordpress wc_erip_gateway

Collecting payments through ERIP for a Woocommerce online store in Belarus is good idea, since most of the people knows how to use it to pay for apartments, electricity and phones, and this is the most widely used on-line payments method in Belarus. Payment for online order can be made in bank offices, self-service terminals, ATMs, online banking, using electronic money and payment systems.

WordPress plugin wc_erip_gateway allows easily and quick to organize payments collecting through ERIP for a Woocommerce online store. And no any payment information is entered on the online store website:

  • plugin summarizes the order, and sends an bill to ERIP service through API “Hutki Grosh” and sets the order status “On Hold”;
  • automatically receives a message from ERIP Service that bill is paid and set the order status “Processing”;
  • daily clears the list of orders in online store and bills in ERIP service to remove canceled orders and did not paid on time bills.

Installing PHP extension pecl-http v1

First of all, it’s necessary to install php extension pecl-http v1. (Version 2 completely uncompatible!). At the time of writing, current version is pecl-http-1.7.6. This extension is not included with php package and it must be installed independently. For example, using the command:
pecl install http://pecl.php.net/get/pecl_http-1.7.6.tgz

Installing plugin wc_erip_gateway

  1. Purchase and download the plugin zip file wc_erip_gateway.zip here.
  2. Open site administrator dashboard for a single site or network administrator dashboard for WordPress virtual sites network.
  3. Go to “Plugins“->”Add New“->”Upload” and select the ZIP file you just downloaded.
  4. Click “Install Now” button.
  5. Go to “Plugins” for a single site or “Plugins” page on-line store site administrator dashboard in case WordPress network of virtual sites.
  6. Look for wc_erip_gateway in the list of installed plugins and activate it. During the activation process there will be created a page “WC ERIP Notify Page”. This page is required for plugin operation. Do not modify or delete it. Once the plugin is deactivated, the page will be deleted.

Woocommerce ERIP Gateway

You have to prepare:

  1. To receive the online store payments ERIP, you must make an agreement with “Electronic system and services” (“Hutki Grosh”). They will help with documents to connect web site to.
  2. Create personal account and learn how to use it.
  3. Prepare following:
    • online store ID on the server ERIP (get from “Hutki Grosh”);
    • ERIP user name (get from “Hutki Grosh”);
    • ERIP user password (set via personal account service “Hutki Grosh”);
    • the number of days during which bills ire valid (set your own).

 Setup and Configuration

  1. Go “WooCommerce” -> “Settings” -> “Checkout” and we can see a link to new ERIP payment gateway (fig. 1.).
    ERIP Gateway. Fig. 1. Payment modes

    Fig. 1. Payment modes

  2. Click this link and move to wc_erup_gateway plugin setup page. Fill in all fields with prepared information (fig.2.). Do not forget to choose the box “Enable ERIP“. Please note the last field – “Plugin Mode“. I thing that it’s a good idea to try plugin in a test mode first. In this case, the username and password in the test mode can be different.
    ERIP Gateway. Fig. 2. Plugin Settings

    Fig. 2. Plugin Settings

  3. Click “Save changes” to save changes.
  4. Go to “Checkout Options” page clicking link with the same name at the top of the screen. If everything has been done correctly until now, there will be ERIP record in the “Gateway Display Order” list at the bottom of the page. You can drag and drop to change the display order of payment methods  at checkout page. You can also choose a default payment method, which would be active. If you made any changes on the page, please click on the “Save changes” button below.
  5. That’s it. Now, we have to make a trial order to see that the payment method by VISA and MasterCard via WebPay gateway visible and can be used.

Described plugin wc_erip_gateway, which  is ERIP payment Gateway for Woocommerce on-line shop and can be utilized for checkout with ERIP online banking.

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