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What is SSH/SFTP and what is it for? How to configure ssh client for Linux

Here I will briefly describe, what is SSH/SFTP and what is it for, how to configure ssh client for Linux, OSX, Unix, generate keys, and prepare it for use. There are two ways to control Linux Server on VMware virtual machine because of absence of physical terminal. They are using window VMware vSphere virtual client terminal and SSH secure connection. […]

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A few words about Linux. Access rights, services and commands

A few words about Linux. First of all I will briefly describe the access rights to files and folders. Then service management and basic Linux commands. This information is necessary to understand my other posts about configuring and maintaining virtual environment, web services and so on. То же по-русски. 1. Access rights in Linux/OS X/Unix I will shortly describe […]

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Text editor vi. The very short manual

In this post I will shortly describe editor vi, its main modes and commands. Also, I will give some useful tips how to use it the best way. То же по русски. Editor vi (visual editor) – a universal full-screen text editor for Linux (UNIX). It is included in all versions and distributions. People use text editor […]

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