Plugin BG Product License. Installation and Configuration

We describing here Plugin BG Product License, its installation and configuration processes. Setup of the Plugin BG Product License consists of of entering plugins parameters and product descriptions. Let’s see. The second part of the article. The first part You can get here: “BG Product License and Update Manager for WordPress

1. How to install Plugin BG Product License

Plugin BG Product License is installedby standard Wordpress tools for a single site, or the network of virtual sites (WordPress Multisite). The only difference – in case of the network of virtual sites are installations is made from the administrative panel of the network administrator.

In the case of the network of virtual sites, plug-in can not be activated in the whole network. Only on a one site. Otherwise, the database may be damaged.
 Once the plugin is installed, it can be seen in the plugins tab control on the site.

Plugin BG Product License. Fig.1 Plugin BG Product License activation

Fig.1 Plugin BG Product License activation

Click on the link “Activate” (Fig. 1 highlighted in red) and the background of the plugins field becomes a light blue color, like all other activated plugins. In addition, new items will appear in the menu of the sites Admin panel:

  • in the main menu the new item “BG Product” – this menu is for input and editing licensed products (Fig. 2.)
Plugin BG Product License. Fig. 2. BG Products menu

Fig. 2. BG Products menu

Plugin BG Product License. Fig. 3. Tools menu. Export and Import.

Fig. 3. Tools menu. Export and Import.







  • new submenu “BG License” appeared in the menu “Tools“, which can be used to export and import plugin settings, licensed products and licenses (Fig. 3).
  • two new submenu “BG License” and “BG Register bg_license” appeared in the menu “Settings” ( Fig. 4.). The first is used to set the general parameters of the plugin. The second – to register plugin and receive automatic updates.
Plugin BG Product License. Fig. 4. Settings menu. General settings and registering

Fig. 4. Settings menu. General settings and registering

Page titled “BG License and Update Manager for WordPress WebHook Page” is added to the website also. This is en empty page, which contents only shortcode [product_bg_license], using for processing user requests to the plugin information.

Attention! If you are using the WordPress HTTPS Plugin or something similar, you HAVE to check the box “Access only via https://”

Now the process of installing and activating the Plugin BG Product License is finished and you are ready to configure it.

2. How to set up Plugin BG Product License

We begin configuring Plugin BG Product License with the general parameters. We have to select the link “BG License” in the menu “Settings” (Fig. 5.), and get to the page “BG License & Update Settings“, on which there are two tabs.

Plugin BG Product License. Fig. 5. Plugin General Settings

Fig. 5. Plugin General Settings

The first tab (Fig. 5.) – “General Options“. You should enter your Envato user name (loginand get and type the API Envato key ( “API Key“), which, in order to avoid errors, it is better to copy-paste from the Envato website. The Envato API key Key is used to access data on the Envato websites from custom applications. In our case, we will need to verify, when buyer registers product, the purchase code of the product and get a date when the purchased licenses for the product support is expired. Entered settings will only be stored on your server and will not be will not be transmitted anywhere. Private key is random string, which You can copy-paste from anywhere. It just should be more then 32 symbols length.

Plugin BG Product License. Fig.6 Roles and Capabilities

Fig.6 Roles and Capabilities

 The second tab is “Roles and Capabilities“. Here you can set minimum role the user to enter, edit or delete the licensed products, export and import plugin dataMore about WordPress user roles You can see “Roles and Capabilities“. By default, site administrator role is selected. It means, that only site administrators can perform the above mentioned operations with the plugin data. You can choose any other role, or create a new one for colleagues who will take care of the licensing of products.

Thats it with setting the general parameters of Plugin BG Product License and you can start entering the products that we license.Read more en

Here described the process of installing and setup Plugin BG Product License. Which includes setting general plugin parameters and set user roles that will be able to modify these parameters and to operate with the descriptions of licensed products.

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