Plugin BG Product License. Entering licensed products

Plugin BG Product License. Entering licensed products. It describes the process of entering the description of the licensed product and updating the release of the product. The third part of the article. The previous parts of this article: “BG Product License and Update Manager for WordPress” and “Plugin BG Product License. Installation and Configuration“.After we successfully installed and configured Plugin BG Product License, we can start entering licensed products.

 One should prepare following for each product to be licensed:

  • file of the plugin release – a file with the plugin codes, docs and so on, which can be downloaded and installed by WordPress standard plugin tools, for example,;
  • a text file with the changes made in each release. For example, changelog.txt;
  • product administrators e-mail. Plugin BG Product License will send all mails relating to this product. Usually it is the registration of new licenses or expiration registered.

3. Entering licensed products

To enter new product you should select the item BG Products in the sites admin panel main menu. If for some reason you do not see this menu item, then you do not have sufficient rights to enter or change licensed products.

Entering licensed products. Fig. 1. Products list

Fig. 1. Products list

At the beginning, the products list is empty (Fig.1.).  Click on the link Add New“, and a new product entry form will be opened (Fig. 2).

Entering licensed products. Fig. 2. New product entry form

Fig. 2. New product entry form.

This is a big form with a lot of fields. And that is not all. In fact, things are not so bad. Les’s see.

Entering licensed products. Fig. 3. Plagin's header

Fig. 3. Plagin’s header

  1. Enter the name of the product description. It will be used to refer to the product. It should be simple and clear to you and your colleagues (Fig.2, p. 1).
  2. Type the name of the product – the field Product Name” (Fig.2, p. 2). The entered name must EXACTLY match the name of the product. For example, the header for BG Product License plugin is shown in Figure 3. In this case, the name should be bg_license” (Fig. 3, p. 2).
  3. Type the description of the product – the field Product Description” (Figure 2, p. 3.). This is just an arbitrary description.
  4. Type the version of the product – the field Product Version” (Figure 2, p. 4.)This version of the shipping release. The entered product’s version EXACTLY match the version in the product header (Fig. 3, p. 1.). In our example the version is 1.0.0.
  5. Loading product release file. It must be an archive file with the product’s codes and all other files in ZIP format. Just normal plugin or theme ZIP file for WordPress. Field “Product File” (Fig. 2. п. 5). Click on the button “Select File” at the end of the field (Fig. 5 highlighted in red), then opens a standard WordPress window for uploading files and media (Fig. 4).
    Entering licensed products. Fig. 4. Upload product file

    Fig. 4. Upload product file

  6. Click on the link ( “Upload Files“), drag to the opened window archive file with the product, and as soon as the upload is complete, click the blue button “Select“. File upload window will be closed and the two fields in our form are filled (Fig. 5). This is the file name and checksum SHA1. Please get the checksum for your file and compare it with those, which we got by Plugin BG Product License. They have to be completely identical.
    Entering licensed products. Fig. 5. Product File uploaded

    Fig. 5. Product File uploaded

  7. The next step – we will upload chengelog text file – field Changelog File” (. Figure 2. p. 6.). You should repeat all the steps p. 6 and check the SHA1 checksum. Once the upload both files is finished, they are removed from WordPress media library.
  8. Type an e-mail of the your products administrator  – the field Product Admin e-mail” (Figure 2. p. 7.). It is better to have a separate mailbox for each product.
  9. Choose the number of weeks for which Plugin BG Product License will alert the buyer by email that the license to product support would expired. Field “Inform Buyers” (Fig. 2. p. 8). You can choose between 1 and 12. 4 is by default.
  10. Now the fun beginsThe next field is called the Register Buyers” (Fig. 2. p. 9). If you mark it, then, the first, will be appeared the field to select the role for the buyer, as shown in Fig. 6
    Entering licensed products. Fig. 6. Register buyers.

    Fig. 6. Register buyers.

    and the second, the products buyers during the registration with the help of Plugin BG Product License will be automatically registered as well on the site, which you use for support your product as a visitor to your chosen role. After that, he can get access to the support, knowledge base and forums dedicated to this your product.

  11. Select role to register the product buyers – the field Select Role” (Fig. 6.).
  12. If you have mailing list to send some information to buyers concerning the licensed productthen tick the box Subscribe Buyers” (Fig. 2 p. 10). After that, users can subscribe to the newsletter during registration their product. In the moment we use MailChimps. If necessary, can be also added another mail list services.
    Entering licensed products. Fig. 7. Subscribing to mail list available

    Fig. 7. Subscribing to mail list available

  13. Once we have checked the box, two additional fields appeared and wi have to fill them. You have to copy your MailChimp API key to the “MailChimp API Key“, and to the field “MailChimps List ID” – mailing list ID, where you will subscribe your buyers.
  14. Once we have filled all the fields, you should check that all information is correct. Especially the fields that corresponding to the product header. If everything is entered correctly, click “Save changes” in the lower right corner of the form (Fig. 2 p. 12). Once WordPress save in its database entered product description, an appropriate message will appear at the top of the form.
  15. Go back to the list of your licensed products. It can now look something like this:
    Entering licensed products. Fig. 8. Products list

    Fig. 8. Products list

  16. We see a line that describes just entered product and shows its general parameters.

Described how to enter licensed products. This is step by step instructions with explanations and pictures.

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